A little lapse with, if I say so myself, a brilliant recovery…

As I write to you on this fine morning I admit to having just deleted the FOUR new games I gave in to midway through this week.

Shame on me.

But it did bring home to me more than ever the fact that this addiction to wasting my precious time is wasting my precious time.

I was reading again.

I was like almost finished with the book I’ve been reading for over a year now.

And then – nothing.

A black hole of word games sucked my life into a mindless funnel toward zombie land and I was gone again.

But now I’m back.

Until the next slip.

Not going to happen.


Despite the relapse I’ve had a fairly productive week and I sold quite a few things.

I’m now over $60,000 for charity which although amazing seems to have had no impact whatsoever on saving the world.


Can you say disappointed or what!

But, kidding aside, I do want to thank everyone who has bought a piece of jewelry from me.


The new lovelies this week are.

A pair of earrings with beautiful purple Luna Agate stones.

This shop is expensive, but I just can’t resist the stones there. It’s sometimes hard to use them as they make the jewelry so much more expensive.


This Ocean Jasper was from there also.


And here’s its back.


Then I made another one of these for someone using one of my new favourite stones.

Rare Purple Chalcedony.


And this one with a piece of Carnelian that I cut myself



Next up I’d always wanted to make something with one of these dentritic stones.

It came all the way from India. I prefer not to buy from outside the US, but look at it



And then I fiddled once more with this piece which has been giving me some trouble with its stone choice.

I think finally I’m happy with it.


I also made a couple of chains, some simple silver earrings, and cleaned up my work table to the point where I’m shocked whenever I go into the studio and see it again.

Simple joys.


I’m still having trouble avoiding purchasing stones, but look at this


And this.



I had to have them.

No hope for the wicked as my old mum used to say….

Just as a side note those are not my fingers. He seems to have cut the top off of one of them, something to look out for when cutting my own stones perhaps…

And on a completely different topic.

Just look at our orange tree!


We bought it last year and I forgot what it was. I picked one thinking it was a lime and cut it open. Wow. The combination of the gorgeous green outside colour to the vivid orange inside was incredible.

Another shock to my week.

It’s all good.



8 thoughts on “A little lapse with, if I say so myself, a brilliant recovery…

  1. Those are beautiful pieces. The last 2 stones look like landscapes. Nice.

    • coldfeetstudioblog

      I know. They are absolutely beautiful.

  2. More dendrites, please! (All those stones are cut in India or China anyway, so you may as well get ’em from the source.) And those purple stones are almost as good as your green oranges.

    • coldfeetstudioblog

      Man. I know that! Just irks my bones to know it. I will look out for more dendrites.

  3. meg

    You have such a creative mind. I find the hardest thing about art is creating the idea, or design. True artists seem to just create and have a mind that has so many ideas already jam-packed for a lifetime of art. Is this you? It sure seems like you create silver magic all the time! I love your work.

    • coldfeetstudioblog

      🙂 thank you meg. I’m sure, however, that it’s just a bloody minded get on and do it process that anyone can do 😉

  4. Well if I could make recoveries like that, I would have lapses all the time! Gorgeous pieces. I can see why you couldn’t resist the dendrite pieces, and the purple chalcedony is spectacular. I myself have a weakness for Mahjong Titans so I understand about the games. It is oddly meditative without having any apparent spiritual benefits.

    • coldfeetstudioblog

      Love mahjong. Oh well 🙁

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