I gave it my all

I did.

But now I’m done with the Art Fairs.

I gave it ten years.

I persevered through the Houston heat and that one bizarre time when at the same time of year I nearly froze to death it was that cold.

Honest I did.

But yesterday even the good ol’ Texan boys were complaining.

Grown men moaning about the heat.

And I was with them.

I’ve never been so overheated in my life.

I wasn’t just sweating, it was coming off me in planes.

Sheets of wet sliding off my face.

My face looked like a wet rhubarb and I gave up on trying to keep what little make up I wear on my face.

Just wern’t ‘apning.

I had to go au natural, which actually wasn’t natural at all because no one looks the way I did yesterday.


Oh I checked it out alright.

I looked at every last vendor there and no one looked as much like a wet fish as I did.

And I bet you no one had to change their clothes three times!

It was bad enough at the beginning after setting up, but then it rained. Not a lot, but just enough to make the humidity virtually unbearable in the hour or two afterward.

We can’t have a good old cool down after a sprinkle can we.

No, Houston has to turn into the hothouse of hell.

It did let up later in the afternoon until the thunderclouds decided to roll on in.

Fortunately, (or not), they did seem to pass either side of us. I say not because at that point I was actually praying for a catastrophic storm, or even a small earthquake really, that would mean we’d have to go home.

Not one to abandon ship at an art fair, because that’s just not cricket is it, I was at one point seriously considering emailing the show organizer and telling her that my leg had just fallen off and that I had to leave. Sorry.

I trooped on though and have now vowed that it was my last.

I had four sales including the one from the friend who helped me with the booth.

This morning I still can hardly walk.

I’m telling you.

I almost died out there.

As I was in the shower later that night I tried to turn my misery around and thought about all the people in Syria and Yemen and how they must feel just living day to day in awful conditions with oftentimes no water or food to boot.

It made me feel a little ashamed that I couldn’t make one day without completely falling apart and so I determined to continue to make my jewelry for them  as it’s the least I can do.

Although not at art fairs unless I can find a good one in Houston that’s indoors for heaven’s sake.

For the love of god, are the people who live here even aware that it’s completely abnormal to even consider outside activities in 90 degree heat with 90% humidity!

And I was one of them, but I’ve come to my senses at last and not a minute too soon.

Before yesterday I was even considering applying to the three day Bayou Festival they hold here twice a year.

What drugs was I on…

I am never leaving the house again.

19 thoughts on “I gave it my all

  1. I just processed your post visually…yuck! I do not handle the heat well AT ALL, so I feel your pain! I also do not handle art /craft shows very well…just too old and tired! The last show I did was a couple of years ago and it was truly the longest day of my life. My cheeks literally hurt from the fake smile I had plastered on my face for 10 hours and sales were embarrassingly low….

    • coldfeetstudioblog

      It’s awful isn’t it. And I’m just not a good salesman and can’t talk my way into a sale. It just doesn’t fit well for me. Sorry about the visual 😉

  2. Exactly! You summed it up perfectly. Whoever thinks outdoor festivals in Texas are fun is seriously delusional. The only thing that makes it worthwhile (for us anyway) is getting to read your description of it. Your writing is laugh out loud funny! LOVE your posts!

    • coldfeetstudioblog


  3. anne mertz

    chuckle, chuckle!!

    • coldfeetstudioblog


  4. Oh, I’m equally stupid, I suspect… just apparently promised to (maybe, but that will mean yes) come to a Christmas market I did two years ago. Opposite kind of suffering tho. Indoors in a tractor garage (I was one of the lucky ones, the most were in the stables, or out in the mud) temperature just above freezing. I had so many layers on, I could hardly move, and in that state one isn’t a good model for one’s own jewelry. Sales fairly good, though, so I just might have to brave it, if I can get enough inventory. I like selling my stuff, actually, and am not too crap at talking through a sale. But where are all the nice, temperated indoors places???

    • coldfeetstudioblog

      Oh great opportunity to serve a little mulled wine. Then you’ll have everyone in your booth and they won’t leave as you talk them all through a sale 😉 little nibbles wouldn’t be a bad idea either, but then you’d probably be defeating the point by spending more than you make 🙂

  5. Got a point there… but there will be a café booth close to me, so I can’t really compete. But maybe some sweets? I’ll have to keep it in mind. 🙂 Last time I was really happy I’d brought spotlight lamps, they helped a lot — it’s really dark here in December!

    • coldfeetstudioblog

      🙂 Best wishes for it

  6. Poor you. You described why I haven’t visited my sister in Austin in all our adult years… As Patti well knows, our mid-Atlantic heat and humidity are quite enough (and “improving” yearly). I wish you many ONLINE sales instead.

  7. I don’t blame you! I lived in Washington DC for four years, and in the summer by the time I’d walked the 10 paces from my front door to the bus stop, my clothes were already all sweaty. And that was first thing in the morning when it was only 75 degrees. I can’t imagine having to be persuasive and charming while being slowly steam-cooked to death! Actually, I can’t imagine having to be persuasive and charming under any circumstances. Yay for Etsy!

  8. Oh no, I was hoping the weather would be more comfortable by now… Only 2 more weeks until the Bayou art fest. Oh well ?

    • coldfeetstudioblog

      I was thinking about you this weekend. I bet you anything it will be better. I hope so. I may well get out and see you 🙂 Best of luck.

  9. Did you apply to the Bayou Art Fest? Yes, the older I get the more difficulty I have with heat. Every year we do the Ann Arbor Art Fair, it is usually the hottest week of the year. Kills us! But we muddle through somehow! But I’m not sure how much longer I can deal with it. I’m a lot older that you. I think air conditioning has spoiled us all. I stay in the house working most of the time and never become acclimated to the heat. I’m a good salesperson selling other people’s work but not so much mine. However I enjoy chatting with people and explaining the work process. So they probably buy something just shut me up! Ha!
    As to indoor shows, there don’t seem to be too many! I bet it is more expensive to put on an indoor show and less profit for promoters.

    • coldfeetstudioblog

      Are you me? Seriously you sound like me! I don’t think you’re much older than I am. I’m 55 and counting. It just crept up on me all of a sudden like 😉 I’m still pretty much 27 inside though.

    • coldfeetstudioblog

      No I didn’t apply to the Bayou. Thank god I came to my senses in the nick of time…

  10. Wet Rhubarb. I sooo get that image. Very British. People are always asking me if I’m okay in the summer, because (and my nan used to day) I ‘pink up nicely’ Of course; nicely isn’t my word of choice.
    I haven’t done any fairs / craft stalls in this current craft incarnation; I’m much happier pootling away with Etsy and Facebook
    On the upside, you didn’t mention any thefts; which is always a win. Thanks for sharing. Autumn has started properly today and it’s been raining all night and morning so far. That, of course means I’ll have to be on allotment duty at the weekend, weeding and *lifting yet more spuds* No amount of chip-buttying is going to compensate 😉 TTFN, xD

    • coldfeetstudioblog

      I love rhubarb 🙂
      I’ve been very lucky. I’ve had only one theft over the years and I figured that she obviously needed it more than me 😉

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