Nuttin’ but worry and indecision…

While I’ve been away, recuperating from the trauma of losing one of my most beloved teeth, I’ve been working on a couple of custom orders.

(Actually, there wasn’t much recuperating going on, I was just boring myself silly with all the drivel I’ve been writing lately…)

I’ve never really felt that comfortable trying to make something for someone else and prefer to just stick to whatever comes out of the studio whenever it feel like happening, but I decided to live on the edge for a while.

I only have two custom orders, but wanted to give the buyers a couple of choices as I really can’t cope with the idea that I’ve got it wrong.

I’m sure that will get easier if I do more customized pieces.

Here they are.

For one lady who wanted a piece using Gaspeite.

I made this, which you’ve already seen.

Gaspeite and Turquoise

And this,

Gaspeite and Opal

Which is the piece she went with.

Then, for another lady, I made this

Variscite and Chrysoprase

And this,

Candelaria Turquoise and Garnet

But am still working on something for her as they weren’t quite what she wanted.

She likes this


So perhaps I should just go with it instead of trying to make something similar, but different.

I’ve enjoyed making each one of them.

In the meantime I’ve decided that I definitely have a problem with cabochon hoarding.

When I opened one of the little drawers I have which holds them there in all their glory, the whole little chest almost toppled over because of the weight of the stones in it.

It was a bit of a wake up call really.

I’m like that with books.

Finish reading the ones you have before you buy another already!

Now I sound like my mum…

So I might have a little stone setting marathon. Although that will more than likely take me well into next year I’m sure I’ll be able to come up for air at some point along the way.

Maybe to eat perhaps.

I don’t know.

Who of you offer to make custom orders for people with stones you already have which they can choose from?

Is it really that worrying, or am I just a scaredy cat?

Off to make something new.


10 thoughts on “Nuttin’ but worry and indecision…

  1. Everything here is beautiful – as always! Well, your question above asked of those who made custom work – with stones (never have, never will!)…in general, I lose sleep over custom work – for all the reasons you stated above! I have made quite a few custom pieces – and I don’t know if I will ever enjoy it!

  2. Gorgeous work , Deborah. I especially like the variscite and chrysoprase pendant. I have never done custom work and don’t think I ever will: I am not that accomplished yet and still finding my own way. It scares me to death that a customer would ask me to make something I cannot make or ask for a design that I personally find ugly .Also, I would not enjoy making jewelry according to someone’s detailed specifications; and what if the piece doesn’t turn out as expected, how to give a price indication for something that hasn’t been made yet. I prefer freedom.

  3. Custom pieces have blown me up, weighed me down, cursed me with indecision self doubt and dread. Killed my spirit and my muse. I will no longer do custom or repairs on anything but what I have made in the first place. Everything you wrote is me. The pieces that you make are lovely and many. The struggles to please on the spot use up too much juice that could be used to do several magical pieces truly your own. Beyond that sometimes they want things that cannot be done or don’t work for whatever reason. Buy my work or don’t. Those are your choices.

  4. It’s as I expected. We are all agreed that custom work is scary…

  5. Shaiha

    These are all incredible! I just love the one that wasn’t quite right.

  6. I’m in agreement with everyone else about the custom order thing. I’ve done several custom orders in the past but it’s not something I really like doing. In fact, I prefer not to. I prefer just to make whatever I feel like making without the pressure of trying to please someone else. And I am like you in that I feel like I need to offer different options and choices. It really is so time consuming also, having to take photos of different options and progress pics, and with all the emailing back and forth, And then I tend to procrastinate on getting it done because I’d rather be making something that I want to make, or because I’m waffling on the design, not sure if they will like it or not.

    I have not offered to do custom orders with stones I already have where they choose the stone, but I’ve seen a couple other Etsy sellers that do that. In my experience people are a little too picky for my liking. I guess that’s understandable since they are the ones paying, so they want it how they want it. But when they start getting too picky then I feel like just calling the whole thing off. It’s just too much sometimes.

    Funny that you mention being a cabochon hoarder, because I just finished my Etsy “About page” yesterday and I said that I’m a gemstone hoarder myself. I feel so relieved to have that page done finally. I’ve been thinking about it for a long time but didn’t really know what to say. Now I just need to get a few more pictures to put on there….one of them will of course be a picture of my gemstone hoard!

  7. I too put my hand up. I totally dislike custom orders. What I make is what I make. If you are not finding what you want, I may not be what you are looking for. When customers start wanting specifics and yes, pennystreasures getting picky. Make this bigger, make this in a different color, put this over here, but smaller, I want pink, not bright pink, not soft pink, just pink, can you do that? My internal eye roll goes into full effect. I know there are people out there who don’t mind custom orders. They are much stronger than I.

    • It’s definitely nice to hear that I’m not the only one. I find it very stressful.

  8. I do custom orders. Rarely with properly set stones though, mostly I wrap them to my silverwork, though I have a few ongoing with ‘real’ settings. It scares the pants off me every time, but also means I tend to make something slightly out of my comfort zone, which I think is good for both growing and further ideas. Course, I never make any profit on those orders as it always takes me far too long and I can’t charge for my procrastinating or mistakes and redos!!

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