Orderly disorder.

I thought I’d share with you my inventory system. For years I just put all the jewelry I made into little bags and popped them in a drawer until I sold them. This worked well until I started to drown in finished jewelry pieces and found myself becoming more and more fraught with anxiety each time I […]

Happy place…

So it’s been a year. Well a couple of weeks shy, and I’m finally beginning to sort myself out. Now I know why the Victorians had the whole black thing going on. It’s like a code for, Back off, I’m not quite right and might explode at any time. Tell me, would you approach this […]

Checking in.

As those of you that read my blog know, I’ve kind of lost my way since my dad died, but I don’t want to give up just yet. My trip home was good. I only had a cry three times, including one where my sister lovingly tossed me a used tissue. Bless her. Probably why […]

I’m off to jolly old England :)

I gave it a smiley face there because I’m really happy that I’m going home to see my family, but even as I write this I can feel the anxiety tingling away in my chest having a party all on its own. Big chicken when it comes to flying. Big melodramatic chicken. I’ve spent this […]

What’s not been going on.

Getting out of bed for one. Not cool. I’m just up and it’s midday. I keep telling myself, don’t think about it girl, just put your feet on the floor and straighten them knees up, but as I always over think everything I’m still waiting for that to work. And then, when I’m finally up […]

Strange times.

As I come to think about my blog and all the friends I’ve met through it, I find that I can’t quite ignore the bad feelings that have exploded leading up to this election. I’m not completely sure what has happened to us all. I’ve found myself caught up in my own fair share of Facebook propaganda […]

After a slow start

I’ve finally picked up the pace again. I’ve mostly been doing custom orders which is kind of nice in that terrifying kind of way. First there was this one which I made using the customers own stone. And then a ring, again using the customers stone And finally one with yet another customers stone. This […]