Rings and Buffer happenings

I thought I’d just offer a little tip, but then decided I would go ahead with another quick show and tell on how I make a simple ring – I want to say shank, but am pretty sure that’s not what it’s called and I can’t for the life of me think of another name […]

Loop in Loop take 2

Hopefully you’ll be able to see what I’m doing in these videos as the first time I tried to make it for you everything at the end was out of the camera line and so was kind of a non starter 😉 – For this particular chain I’ve used 20 gauge fine silver. (You can […]

Just a hello…

I made a video on how to make the Link in Link chain for you, but right at the end, right at the crucial part where all the important stuff happens, I move my hands out of the camera view and you can’t see any of the good bits. Here I’ve used two 3″ lengths […]

A show and tell for Keirsten…

  Although I don’t pronounce her name correctly. Sorry. :/ Not my fault really as I don’t know anybody called Keirsten and so don’t have much opportunity to say it. As always this is just a show and tell. I’m not even sure if I wanted to show this one as I think it’s really boring. […]