I had the old end of the world earthquake dream this morning. It wasn’t all bad. As we waited for the pre-quake green black apocalyptic storm clouds to totally cover the sky a small van pulled up down our road handing out supplies to the residents. Did we need any survival supplies? I chose a […]

The anatomy of a stone cuff.

This is going to be a long one. You have been warned… – I thought I’d show you how I made one of my cuffs. So if you want to make one yourself, and if you’ve the patience to get through this post, here are step by step instructions. Before we start you should know that a lot […]

Hello. It’s me…

I come to you today with my new, ‘stepped up’ pieces of jewelry which now I actually think of as being more ‘stepped out’. They kind of happened when I wasn’t paying attention. Which I highly recommend. – I’m a very anal creative. With the pottery, with the quilt making, and with the jewelry making, I […]

Time to step it up – again…

I’m still doing a lot of things wrong. Mostly it’s because I’m impatient which, of course, often times means that I end up needing to work on something for longer anyway because I didn’t pay enough attention in the first place. So I’m going to step it up. Again. I know I stepped it up once before, and that was […]

Orderly disorder.

I thought I’d share with you my inventory system. For years I just put all the jewelry I made into little bags and popped them in a drawer until I sold them. This worked well until I started to drown in finished jewelry pieces and found myself becoming more and more fraught with anxiety each time I […]

Happy place…

So it’s been a year. Well a couple of weeks shy, and I’m finally beginning to sort myself out. Now I know why the Victorians had the whole black thing going on. It’s like a code for, Back off, I’m not quite right and might explode at any time. Tell me, would you approach this […]

Checking in.

As those of you that read my blog know, I’ve kind of lost my way since my dad died, but I don’t want to give up just yet. My trip home was good. I only had a cry three times, including one where my sister lovingly tossed me a used tissue. Bless her. Probably why […]